Everybody! Love! and… Peace! and… Buy Leeann Hamilton Comics

Knowing the Leeann Hamilton was a fellow Final Fantasy fan, I asked her if she’d done anything pieces featuring characters from the 8th instalment (kind of theme for the week). Well she sent me a bunch a pieces from it and a bunch of others. I loved the one featuring Selphie Tilmitt above (I had to google the surname). Here are some more (stay till the end to see how to BUY HER BOOKS).

Okay. Time to buy some comics. Add €2 postage (Ireland) and send details to http://paypal.me/peannlui or DM Leeann On Twitter. Here is a selection:

Kitteenies (1st and 2nd issues), €5 each Keychain: €2 each
Fightzine (#Inktober 2019), €10 Machines/Monsters, €5

You can also pick up some of the books on Gumroad (https://gumroad.com/peannlui). Leeann explains all on Twitter.