Fantastic Adventures!

It happens a lot that a book goes under our radar but this one has managed to get to fifth issue without us hearing about it.

Here’s the details:

Hibernia is back and proud to present the fifth in its Comic Archive series ‘Fantastic Adventures‘. 

The Comic Archive series explores the lesser known and forgotten hidden gems of British comics, full of interviews, articles, lost and previously unpublished art.

Fantastic Adventures‘ focus is on comics that never quite made it, failures on the launchpad like Tony Luke’s ‘Renga’, David Lloyd’s Fantastic Adventure, and Humour comic OhNo! Ex Eagle Editor Derek Lords attempt to release a worthy successor to the Eagle over three decades, as well as the the comic that led to Roy of the Rovers losing his leg are all included.

20000 AD’s Zarjaz and the Judge Dredd Comicis also featured, which contained Alan Moore’s Badlander, Carlos Ezquerra’ B.A.D. Company, Helltrekkers (with Robin Smiths Helltrekker designs), Ian Gibson’s lost Dredd tale ‘Blood Cadet’ and much more!

Also included are interviews with creators like Gerry Finley-Day,(!! yes THE GFD!) the Spanish artist known as ‘Vanyo’, humour artist Robert Nixon and Battle Editor Terry Magee.

Contributions from Peter Hogan, Frank Wynne, Si Spencer, Beverly Henry, Barrie Tomlinson and unpublished work by from Steve Yeowell, Grant Morrison, Robin Smith, Dean Ormston, Will Simpson, Mike Western, and many more.

If that’s not enough we have an in-depth look at Fleetways ‘Revolver’, a plethora of pages of unpublished art from that publications, a Brian Bolland board game, Ron Smiths OTHER newspaper strip, and the super rare Manga Judge Dredd!

And just to put the icing on the cake, FOUR , yes FOUR more unpublished pages from the legendary Scream Comic!

All this and much more is wrapped up in a cover by Dean Ormston.

92 packed pages – colour throughout, prestige format, its unmissable!!!

You can order the book here.