“Luna Grey” and “a message to storytellers”.

Webtoons are currently running a Short Story contest and it just so happens that two Irish creators have each submitted to the contest. The contest offers a top prize of $15,000 to the winning stories.

The contest allocates 30% of the final mark for each entry to “level of audience engagement”. So when you head over to the comics (links to follow below), don’t be shy with likes and comments to help the two creators.

First up is “Luna Grey” by Jaime Lawlor.

Description: “Luna Grey is a quiet mild mannered hound. She doesn’t feel right in her own skin and struggles with day to day tasks. She’s been home ever since she graduated from art college and finds it difficult to follow the conventional life paths of others. Will she find the answers to who she truly is?”

Next we have “a message to storytellers” by Marianna Mooney.

Description: “his story isn’t quite like any other story. it’s more of a message, to you; the storyteller.”

Do check the comics out over on Webtoons and give them some support while there in the form of likes and/or comments!

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