Go To Battle With Journey Planet 50

Journey Planet covers a lot of geeky stuff and, with James Bacon and Michael Carroll as editors, comics are frequently a topic the magazine discusses. This edition covers the classic British war comic Battle Picture Weekly. It includes contributions from Irish writers Maura McHugh and Garth Ennis and convention organiser Paul Trimble. Maura covers Hellman and in particular the story, written by Garth Ennis and beautifully drawn by Mike Dorey, that appeared in this year’s Action Special. An excellent story in my opinion. Guest editor Paul Trimble interviews Ennis about Battle.

Journey Planet 50 – The Battle Fanzine.

Forty-five years ago the war comic Battle Picture Weekly crashed down into the British comics scene with such an impact that the aftershocks are still being felt today.

Now, in a special double-sized issue, the award-winning fanzine Journey Planet takes a look back at this fan-favourite — and sometimes controversial — comic, and presents all-new in-depth interviews and features with some of its top artists, writers and editors, as well as never-before-published artwork!

Join Pat Mills, Carlos Ezquerra, Cam Kennedy, John Wagner, Alan Hebden, Mike Dorey, Steve MacManus and more — as well as a host of today’s comics creators including Maura McHugh and Garth Ennis — as they discuss the impact and legacy of Battle and its stories, from the sublime Charley’s War to the subversive Hellman of Hammer Force.

With special features on the hugely influential creators Joe Colquhoun and Mike Western, this issue of Journey Planet is a must for every Battle fan!

You can check out the latest issue here: http://journeyplanet.weebly.com/