Half Past Danger Stretch Goals, Nate Stockman, Mystery Artists, Tape Dec

Stephen Mooney has revealed that artist Nate Stockman (Spidey, X-men) will draw a story if his Kickstarter reaches a goal of 17,500 Euros. There are also other (to be revealed) artists at 20,000 and 22,000. 25,000 sees a ton of pin-ups from other artists. The book already includes work from Stephen Mooney, Declan Shalvey, Stephen Byrne, Will Sliney and Nick Roche.

If you want to hear more on the project, Will Sliney, Nick Roche and Stephen Mooney will be joining Declan Shalvey on an upcoming episode of Tape Dec. If that isn’t Irish enough for you, Declan recently released an episode with his mammy.