How about a differentober?

With the controversy over an artist claiming the rights to Intober, artists have moved to other hastags for the month of October. I’ve selected a few I’ve spotted since the month began.


Gavin Fullerton, artist on graphic novel Bog Bodies, has chosen to go the “Batober” route and I encourage every one to go to Twitter to check out his pieces. My favourite piece has to be the one Chris O’Halloran decided to colour. I’m hoping these tow get together on a book some day. A bat-book preferably.

Gavin Fullerton on Twitter:


Wayne Talbot, writer on Nazferatu, chose the “Spocktober” hashtag, which, as the name suggests, is various drawings of everyone’s favourite Vulcan.

Wayne Talbot on Twitter:


Artist Keith Byrne has chosen to draw various titans under the hastag “Titanotober2020”

Keith Byrne on Twitter:


Laura McNamee is drawing various characters from the worlds of JRR Tolkien.

Laura McNamee on Twitter: