Recommended Webcomics

For obvious reasons, 2020 hasn’t seen a lot in the way of physical independent books. However, webcomics continue to be produced and there are a number of new ones too. I thought I’d list the ones I am aware of so people can get their Irish independent comic fix. I’ve also provided links for you to support the creators, if you can. Patreon support usually gets you early access as well as other things like sketches and process pieces.


Jamie Lalor’s webcomic is the story Margo, who has recently joined her friends’ band ‘Morrigan’ and is now working on their next album. Having little experience with making music Margo struggles to find her place in the group. To make things even more overwhelming her musical hero ‘Ailbe Burk’ from the band ‘Yesterday’ has also joined the group!


Anna Fitzpatrick continues to produce regular updates on her science fiction love-story and is working towards a physical volume one. I think people know this is one of my favourites.


A newcomer to Irish webcomics, Blue Streak is about a former superhero trying to mend broken relationships.


Anthea West’s all ages fantasy webcomic about a grumpy little dustbunny is probably the longest running of the ones on this list. Updated weekly.


Starting Saturday 31st October PJ Holden and John Reppion bring you a new weekly comic about kids and monsters.


John Cullen offers a daily dose of quirkiness every weekday. Each episode is a standalone piece. There are some recurring characters and themes.


Aaron Fever and various artists bring you the (mis)adventures of the Intergalactic Spaceship Bowie’s Accounting Department. It’s tough having the most boring job on the ship. Volume Four just finished so lots to catch up on and expect a Kickstarter for a physical version soon.


When the current situation started, Hugh Madden decided to adapt Treasure Island into a comic. He’s just passed the 200 page mark so plenty for you to catch up on.


Twisted Doodles are commentaries on every day life (and currently the lockdown) with some science stuff thrown in every now and then. I get a chuckle out of them and the commentary is very often on point.


A comic by Colm Cuffe about the joys of teaching.


Buttonpress has moved all its new book releases to Spring 2021. However, they have posted a mini adventure featuring The Wren (written by Gary Moloney) on Instagram. I think the format works very well.