Michael Carroll’s Cadet Dredd, Return Of Proteus Vex

2000AD Regened returns in today’s Prog 2206. This issue includes a Cadet Dredd story by Michael Carroll. Michael is heavily involved in the Judges novellas which covers the early history of the judges. He’s also written some novellas set in Dredd’s early days. In summary, he knows his stuff. In Prog 2206, he is joined by artist Nicollo Assirelli, colourist Gary Caldwell and legendary letterer Annie Parkhouse in a story called “Tooth And Claw”, a story set in the Cursed Earth.

In other Michael Carroll news, the next Proteus Vex story “The Shadow Chancellor” begins in 2000AD’s 100 page bumper Christmas edition. Proteus Vex returns “to investigate secrets from the past”. Jack Lynch will be the artist for this story.