ICN Hall Of Fame Class Of 2021: Jason Browne

Even before I started with ICN, I was aware of The Wren. I have since gotten to know creator Jason Browne and he is one of those people who I love seeing at conventions. I know I can walk and have a great chat about comics and how things are going. His induction is long overdue. I asked Paul Carroll to induct him as he is one of the creators who has worked closely with him.

“I first met Jason Browne when I was but a punter in Forbidden Planet and he was a friendly face behind the counter. It was some time before I connected the dots between Shop Jason and Comic Creator Jason, when I had decided I wanted to read more Irish comics. I stumbled across The Wren, the long-running all-ages superhero series set in an alternate Ireland, and fell in love with the style and the storytelling. As the years progressed and I began to talk to Jason more, we struck up a kindred friendship, one based on a love of comics, a passion for storytelling, and a keen interest in the occasional bit of gossip.”

“I had the honour of first working with Jason on a short Christmas comic, Tomte the Warrior Elf, before he asked me to take up the role of writer for The Wren. In that time, I’ve seen Jason’s art progress, and took joy in the wisdom he shared about making comics, both to myself and to others.
It is my distinct pleasure to induct Jason into the ICN Hall of Fame this year. He has become a staple of the Irish comic scene, and a personal mentor in resilience and creativity. We’re lucky to have him.”

“Just don’t think you can get away with just a short conversation with him about comics. The man can talk for Ireland.”