Catching Up On Sentinel, Issue 7 Kickstarter

It sometimes takes me a while to get to stuff and I realised lately that I should maybe try and get back into some Irish books. I haven’t been reading much due to various reasons but have read one or two lately that I will try and get around to talking about. One of the problems I have is figuring out if there is an Irish creator (or a creator based in Ireland) working on a book before I can talk about it. Ed Doyle (the artist) is Irish so I was able to fire away. I noticed Ed plugging away at promoting Sentinel on Twitter and was gonna reach out when Alan Holloway (the writer) reached out to me after I commented on Facebook that I needed to get around to reading the issues.

Sentinel is inspired by Starblazer and is 64 pages of comic strip. One complete story in each issue. I got the books in pdf form (thanks Alan for that!) but I am told it comes in the same digest format as Commando which is unique for the Irish scene. Ed and Alan had worked together on Sector 13 and developed a rapport and started Sentinel in October 2019. Other artists have joined them since. I enjoyed the variety of tone in each issue and you can pick up most issues without any prior knowledge. The only exception is the upcoming issue 7 which is a sequel to issue 1 (Ed provides art on both these stories). Issue 7, as you may have gotten from the cover above, is inspired by the works of Ray Harryhausen as our hero protaganist ends up on Harry Howson’s World in a comedy / action adventure. If you are worried about having missed issue 1, the Kickstarter has a tier for that. It is a fun romp so why not give it a go?