Danny McColgan’s Depression/Lazerbeam/Funtime

Danny McColgan, who wrote and self published ‘Big Bastard’, has working on a new project recently called ‘Depression/Lazerbeam/Funtime.’ He writes and draws the comc. There are five chapters of it done so far, which can be found on the website/app Webtoons.

The summary is:
‘A depressed man wakes up one morning to find he is accompanied by a young anime protagonist who turns all his day to day anxieties and depressive tendencies into monsters that he must battle to get through the day.’

The comic is a shonen anime inspired exploration of mental health and takes the concept of ‘We are all fighting our own internal battles’ to its literal extreme. Taking our internal struggles and manifesting them as physical creatures that the protagonist Danny must physically battle with the help of his new companion GiGi. It’s an action comedy that hopes to make you laugh at the struggles we all face at some point in our lives.