Little Deer Comics & Buying Indie Books

We are lucky in Ireland in that we have some brilliant local comic shops that provide us with access to a wealth of indie titles. However, not all small press stuff makes it to comic shops and this is where Little Deer Comics comes in. It started out as a small press comics market table attending events including DCAF, which should be well known to followers of this website. In fact Little Deer was set up by DCAF founder (and member of the Stray Lines collective) Matthew Mellis.

With the recent pandemic, Little Deer Comics have moved online. They are still looking for a physical space in the Stoneybatter neighbourhood (let them know of you have any ideas on that front). Their store covers a wealth of indie books including one or two I’ve missed from the Irish scene like Dearbhla Kelly’s The Rebel Countess (originally published in the Irish Times), an all-time favourite of mine Stone Hewn Sky and recent personal favourites like Ghosting. It doesn’t limit itself to small independent books, however, as it sells the likes of Bog Bodies and BAGS (A Story Thereof) which were published by major American publishers. Even so, the books still seem to fit the vibe of the store. They also helpfully order their books by genre so readers can find something they enjoy. I recommend checking them out. I’ve just made my first order.

Little Deer Comics website: