Tom Crean and the Terra Nova Expedition

Ron van der Noll, a Dutch visual artist and cartoonist who has lived and worked in Ireland for nearly three decades, is releasing a new book about the explorer Tom Crean.

“The tragedy of Captain Robert Falcon Scott’s last trip to Antarctica and the central role played by Irishman Tom Crean is vividly brought to life between these covers. The tale allows artist Ron van der Noll to explore his life-long fascination with the human condition and use his skills as a visual storyteller to express it. With a deft pen stroke or wash of colour he describes the extremes – of beauty, hardship, bravery and sacrifice – and does so on the back of years of research into the methods and motives of the men who made the long voyage south in 1910. This distinctive mix of historical accuracy and comic strip art blend together in a remarkable book that is a fitting addition to the great canon of European graphic novels.”

“Ron van der Noll is a Dutch visual artist and cartoonist who has lived and worked in Ireland for nearly three decades. During the late 1970s he established a professional visual art practice in his native Holland. He collaborated with leading Irish artist Louis le Brocquy when he settled permanently in Ireland in the early 1990s, and his portfolio since then encompasses a diverse range of fine and illustrative art. Van der Noll’s work can be found in both private and public collections. Among his clients are the Walt Disney family in New York and the Irish state. In 2016 he contributed to the commemorative exhibition on Irish activist Roger Casement which opened that year in the Kerry County Museum in Tralee, Co. Kerry. In recent years his artistic focus has been concentrated on the creation of graphic novels. He has an MA in Creative Media and is an experienced public speaker.”

You can order the book on Etsy.