Now Reading: Time Before Time, “great”, Eyes and more

Another burst of things that I have been checking out lately. Mostly stuff that are available online this time and one Image book. If I’ve missed something that came out recently, hit us up on social media and I’ll read it for next time.


Luke Healy recently posted a new comic called “great” on Twitter. It is about his attempt to hike the entire length of Great Britain. It is also available on his website. Luke is brilliant at showing character and emotion in his work and this is a powerful story. Warning in advance: it contains references to depression and suicidal thoughts. If this is your kind of thing, you should check out Americana, which covers his attempt to walk the Pacific Crest Trail (from Mexico to Canada). It goes into his life and work as well. It won a few awards too. Or if you want something shorter, there’s a bunch of short comics on his site.


We already posted about Irish Comics Dot IE‘s selection of comics but, now that they have a few pages available, I have just started to check them out. I was excited when I heard about “Eyes” as there is something so interesting about the mix between Anthea West’s art style and a horror story. It somehow makes the story even creepier. It make me think back to her short comics in “Sleep Tight” and her tremendous graphic novel “The Earthbound God“. Three pages in and I can’t wait to see more of the pages.


I’ve been a fan of Hugh Madden since I got a copy of “Iron Rabbit” at Thought Bubble back when they had conventions. I love his Franco-Belgian inspired style. His characters and backgrounds are so full of life and his art is full of story. He also posted a cracking “Treasure Island” adaptation on Twitter during lockdown that I hope some publisher picks up. Aaron Fever has a bunch of comics on his belt but his longest work is “Ship Wrecked” so most of my opinion of his work comes from that. It is a really funny webcomic that I happy to see is going to be collected in trade form. On this book, three pages in, we are still in the set-up but it amazing how much you get out of three pages. (Irish Comics Dot IE again!)


As I said in my review of issue one, I really like Time Before Time. This is issue sees great character development and the pieces are coming together in a satisfying way (e.g. the family from issue one features again). You can still get issue one and two in places and I recommend seeking them out. Rory McConville has a couple of 2000AD things on the go too but I usually save those up until I can read the full story. So probably more on that in a future post.