Now Reading: TRNAD_5, Astonishing Times and Batman: Reptilian

This seems to be turning into a weekly thing as happily there appears to be stuff coming out every week for me to cover. In the event that this does not occur, I might read back into the archives and revisit some stuff.


Leeann Hamilton has done a couple of fanzines over the years. Another one that springs to mind was Fightzine, which took a look at (and poked fun at) beat ’em ups. That was certainly my cup of tea and so is her latest one. TRNAD_5 is a Final Fantasy VII fanzine (some would argue the best of Final Fantasy series but I’d argue back at them in a loud voice but would also accept it as one of the top ones). This again pokes fun (in a non mean spirited way) and once again shows off the diversity of Leeann’s art as she can morph between styles. Lots of manga influence hear (I think). You can buy it here.


Another take on super-heroes was not something I was necessarily looking for but Ruairi Coleman’s art brought me in and the overall package has me on board for issue two. It is nothing radical: a reporter, who reveres superheroes, gets dragged into a murder investigation that brings him face to face with some of them. However, it is a well told story and issue one sets things up in an interesting way. I must note that I think that Lauren Affe’s colours work really well with Ruairi Coleman’s art. This one is a digital only as it is a ComiXology original.


Putting Garth Ennis on a Black Label book is a good start. Otherwise, you may hear screams of “You can’t do that to Batman!” (Cries that would not necessarily be unjustified). Saying that however, I’m not sure about this one as something is a bit off about Garth Ennis’ Batman for me. I think it’s the humour. I know that Garth Ennis often likes to have humour in even the darkest of his books but isn’t quite working for me here. Not something I noticed in issue one. I’m still gonna stick around to see where this one goes. Liam Sharp’s style works for the story’s tone and is my favourite part about the book so far.