PJ Holden Helps You Make Comics

PJ Holden has created some books to help people make comics. The first is a book of preprinted US comic layouts (9 layouts per page, facing a blank page for notes). It is available worldwide on Amazon (may we suggest you use this link to support Enniskillen Comic Fest?).

His second item is a comic creator pro diary – you can organise projects through the year and plan your work out week by week. (Here’s the Enniskillen Comic Fest supporting link)

It’s unique. You have a page for organising the page count of a years worth of projects.

Then a calendar marked out with 25 boxes, they represent pages done in the month. Then, week by week, you plan out what work you intend to get done through the week.

The week entries are undated, which means, unusually for a diary, you can start and stop it any time. Start it today, if you miss a month, it doesn’t matter. There’s enough weekly entries for a year, but it doesn’t tie you down to a year.

You put upcoming events dated in the start of the book and add them as you get towards their weeks. As you complete work in the month you mark it off on the monthly calendar and at the end of the year you can measure exactly how much comics you’ve made.

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