Octocon Presents: Turning Roads – an Irish Folklore Comics Anthology, More

Octocon is going virtual this October with a bunch of excellent guests. However, before that we will have some Octocon Presents with Catherine Sharp moderating a panel with Paul Carroll, Clare Foley, Leeann Hamilton and Gary Maloney (all contributors to the Turning Roads Anthology).

Many Irish myths and legends have been retold through the lens of science fiction and fantasy, and this year’s successfully Kickstarted comics anthology, Turning Roads, brought together writers and artists from all over Ireland and beyond to add their own modern perspectives. What decisions did its creators make when selecting their stories and styles, and how did they choose their collaborators?

The panel will take place on Wednesday August 25th at 8pm (UTC+1).

Watch live on Octocon’s Twitch channel OctoconIRL.

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