Now Reading: Astonishing Tales, Batman: Reptilian, Time Before Time

I know it’s been a week or two for Now Reading update but I got in a bit of a reading funk where I haven’t picked up a book in weeks. Seems like I missed a number of books so here we go.


Starting with a book out this week. The reason being it was probably my favourite of the bunch. The team expand the book’s world in fun and interesting ways and learn more about some of the superheroes. There are cool characters (I love Kokin), interesting back story and entertaining twists and turns. A quintessential superhero book but it still feels fresh and new to me. Ruairi Coleman has levelled up his art skills in my opinion and is doing his best work. Digital only but I’d still buy a physical trade at this rate.


I now I was a little down on last issue but I think I have accepted this as a case of Garth Ennis being Garth Ennis and, as it is a Black Label book, I think I’m okay with that. His Joker is interesting and Liam Sharp’s Batman has a Michael Keaton vibe. It is something different. I’m just waiting to see where it goes I think.


The team are really keeping the energy level up on this series. More dots are joining all over the time stream and there are more twist and turns that may cause issues between Tatsuo and Nadine. Definitely gonna need to re-read of all the issues for my brain to catch it all as the book backfills some of the plot giving more meaning to scenes in prior issues. I keep thinking “oh they’ll change that” (because time travel) and then I remembered the book’s “can’t change the past” rule. I must call out the colour and design choices. Really makes the book stand out.

I got my copy of the process book recently and boy it looks good. I’ll be leafing through that for a while. If you missed the Kickstarter, I think Dec has some copies but I think subscribers to his newsletter will get first dibs.