Crime & D’sorder Kickstarter Launches

Previously in Fanny Galactic: Tuck To The Future, drag queen Fanny Galactic found herself mysteriously plunged into a dystopian future after her wind machine exploded on stage. Waking up 100 years from the present day, Fanny Galactic found herself in a world ruled by a deranged drag queen dictator known as The One. Fanny found herself as part of a plan to assassinate The One and in doing so discovered a possible way back home. Things got complicated (and a bit awkward) when Fanny found out The One was an old friend of hers from the past…

In Crime & D’Sorder, we go back to that fateful night of the pub explosion. We explore what happened in its aftermath to find out exactly how and why the world got taken over by a crazed drag queen! 

You can check out the new campaign here (which includes the option of getting the previous book in case you missed it).