Octocon News: Shelly Bond Interview, comic book guests

Octocon have announced a “Shelly Bond and the Secrets of Comics Editing” panel which will see Michael Carroll interview her on Saturday 2nd October at 7pm (UTC+1) on their Twitch channel.

Shelly Bond’s editing career includes a 22-year run at DC Comics’ Vertigo line and the creation of Black Crown, IDW’s ‘indie record label’ imprint that merged music and comics. As well as her work on Sandman, Lucifer, Clean Room, Fables and Kid Lobotomy, she’s also known for the Hey, Amateur and Insider Art anthologies, and her recent successful Kickstarter: Filth and Grammar: The Comic Editor’s Secret Handbook. Join us as she shares industry stories and insights.

Octocon has also announced Triona Farrell as a guest along with returning Guests of Honour Maura McHugh, Nik Abnett, Dan Abnett and the aforementioned Michael Carroll.

You can register here.