Now Reading: Crossover, Hellboy, Devlin Waugh, More

It’s been a long while I know but life and all. Here’s a bunch of stuff I read.


Crossover Issue One Cover B by Ryan Stegman and Dee Cunniffe

I was posting about the books that were out in a particular week, featuring Irish creators, on Twitter. Dee Cunniffe reminded me that Crossover Issue 9, which he coloured, was out. This situation kind of brings up the issue of how you find about new books these days. I don’t go to the comic shop every week so I rely on buzz, following a creator I enjoy or recommendations to pick up a new series. I think Irish comic shops do a great job on the latter. Of course, Dee had been recommending it too. Anyway, I binged the nine issues and was totally blown away by the story. Talk about firing on all cylinders. “Imagine everything you thought was fantasy…was real.” This is one I’ll be pimping going forward.


Panel from Hellboy: Bones of Giants Issue One by Matt Smith and Chris O’Halloran

Chris O’Hollaran was geeking out about having a Hellboy issue out on Twitter and so I had to give it a look. For people like me who haven’t read Hellboy in a while, this is an easily accessible story. Just jump in and enjoy. Hellboy and Thor’s Hammer. Fun concept and issue one was a great start.


It’s always tough to follow the creator of a character but Rory McConville does a great job of capturing the voice of John Smith’s (and Sean Philip’s) creation. This collection has all of Rory’s contributions. A fun over the top romp. The book was out in May but there was a shopping issue (imagine!) that my LCS sorted for me. The book also features the excellent Ales Kot. Mike Dowling draws it all and does a fabulous job.

Some quick hits:

  • Astonishing Times (Ruairi Coleman on art) – Still enjoying this book. They’ve created an interesting universe.
  • Batman Reptilian – I’m back and forth on this one. Garth Ennis is doing his thing and I’m getting a Michael Keating Batman vibe.
  • Time Before Time – Continues to impress. A recent Declan Shalvey drawn issue offers a breather from the main story and expands the universe. He and Rory McConville switched up the allocation of writing duties for it (check out Declan’s Newsletter for some interesting behind the scenes. More excellent Chris O’Halloran colours.
  • X-men Unlimited – Declan Shalvey on a Wolverine story with Jonathan Hickman. It works really well with the Unlimited App format (and got me to subscribe).