Second Plexus Volume On Kickstarter

Paul Carroll has launched a Kickstarter for the second volume of Plexus, a science fiction anthology that focuses on personal lives. The second volume focuses on the monsters we meet in real life. Joining Paul are a talented bunch of artists:

  • Donna A. Black on Oneira: This story dives into the monsters in our minds, pitting one man in a battle against an insane world.
  • Barry O’Sullivan on Run: A scientist is trying to prevent the end of his world, fearing a device of his own creation may be the source of his downfall.
  • Leeann Hamilton on Ghost: An overworked man comes home to a ghastly figure in his home, threatening his way of life and his understanding of the world.
Donna A. Black brings her atmospheric art to Plexis

You can check out the project here.

You can see what we thought of volume one here.