2022: The Return of Events

I’m not gonna use this piece to convince you whether or not to go to some of the upcoming events. Truth be told I’m not 100% sure I know myself yet. I think we are all, including the organisers, in a new situation where there is no real precedent on how to go forward. I’m just going to go through some of the things that I’ve heard re the Small Press side of things.

Dublin Comic Con Spring Edition (March 12th and 13th)

The DCC guys are in the unenviable position of being the first Irish comic related event on the calendar (unless someone informs me otherwise). They’ve announced Kevin Keane and Paul Bolger as a comic guest so far, which is good to see (both have done stuff outside of comics of course). Expect to see new books from Rogue Comics Ireland (they’ve announced a bunch of them), Limit Break Comics (no announcements yet but I’m reliably informed that there will be some) and, I think, Buttonpress. Both Rogue and Buttonpress have taken somewhat of a publishing hiatus during the pandemic. Who can blame them? Cons are a big source of sales (particularly DCC and Thought Bubble). I’ll see how I feel but I THINK I’ll be at the Sunday show. Expect more creator plugs on the road to DCC.


Cosmic Rebels Con (April 24th)

CRC 2022 will be happening in the Riverside Park Hotel in Enniscorthy on the 24th of April from 11am to 7pm. Admission is free.

Event Page on Facebook

Enniskillen Comic Fest (Usually May – not happening)

Paul Trimble announced on Facebook the event will not be happening in 2022. They’re based in the UK so are subject to different rules. However…. to be continued.

CelticCon (June 6th)

No details confirmed as yet. We will get them to you when we can.

Dublin Comic Con Summer Edition (August 7th and 8th)

I expect more releases from Small Press people but we will have to see closer to the time. The same with comic book guests.


Octocon (October 15th and 16th)

In person and in Croke Park! (Which works great for me). Interesting venue. I have only been there for a work Christmas party and a Westlife gig (I’m from Wicklow so no GAA). I expect some virtual panels too (nobody has said this to me, it is just a hunch). The con was one of the few that survived lockdown (in virtual form) and did a great job providing programming for the public. Good chance I’ll be there. There’s a smaller crowd and I live pretty close by.


Badoom: The Comic Expo (October ??)

From the people who bring you Cosmic Rebel Con. The organisers say it will be Inspired by Paul Trimble’s Enniskillen Comic Fest i.e. it will be an event that is solely about comics and their creators. I may have to visit the first year.

Facebook Event Page

Thought Bubble (November 12th and 13th)

I know. I know. It’s not an Irish event but it usually has a large Irish contingent. I always enjoy the event but am unsure of how I feel about plane travel. It’s a long way off so we will see.


Of course, this is not a comprehensive list (for example, there is no word from DCAF on events yet). We will of course provide updates throughout 2022.