Out this week – Shift #2

Shift #2 is out this week. It features a contribution by Mike Lynch (writer), Nate Donnell (artist) and Nikki Foxrobot (letters). It’s a 100 page special, so you get plenty of reading material for your money.

From the Shift site:

What a line up!! We couldn’t contain the strips in this one, so we’ve got a huge 100 page special!

Liam Sharp, Richard Starkings, Pat Mills and Moritat join our regular and returning creators, including Simon Furman, Geoff Senior, Lyndon Webb, Brian Haberlin and many more – all behind a stunning Ian Churchill cover!

The opening episode of Elephantmen War Toys opens up an action packed issue, which features the next parts of the ongoing To The Death and Shifter, plus The Ghost in the Sword by Liam Sharp from his creator owned universe. The one-parter Sweep and Clean from Mike Lynch and Nate Donnell gives a look into a bleak future, and Lyndon Webb returns to the world of Perfect Shot with the first of a two part story – Muscle Memory.

We also have the first of a two part interview with Richard Starkings about his life in comics, conducted by John Freeman, and a special Pat Mills article features a special one off Spacewarp Fu-tant story with new talent Bogomil Kolokov, plus background and art from Pat’s amazing Requiem: Vampire Knight!

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Cover art by Ian Churchill

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