Kickstarter: Kindom

Belfast writer Lucy Shaw has just launched a Kickstarter for her comic Kindom.

 It’s been 1000 years since Kindom overthrew their depraved and merciless leader, Avarice.  Avarice, the last true power mimic brought fear upon the planet’s people by harnessing the powers of the four moons of Kin.  Entrapping the Luna hearts into the death harness this enabled him to manipulate fire, earth, water and perhaps the most terrifying of all… the mind.  He controlled the citizens of Kin with such brutality it caused them to rebel, banishing him to the Penumbra where he could neither thrive nor die.

After defeating Avarice, the leaders of the rebellion split the Luna hearts between four houses, Pax, Poseidon, Prometheus and Pysis to ensure no one person could take total control ever again. For the powers to be transferred to the future leaders of KIN the heirs must complete their pilgrimage on the dying planet earth and demonstrate Kindness, Integrity and Nobility and create the bond which allows their powers and houses to become one in kinship.

You can check out the campaign here.