New Donna A. Black Kickstarter

Donna A. Black is a part of a new Kickstarter project called Maga, Skeleton Maker.

Magda sees the world differently. At times, what she sees appears as though it is coming through a static-ridden TV. She often keeps herself removed from others, but has to overcome those introverted tendencies when she realizes she is the only person capable of seeing a bright light coming from a neighbor’s apartment, through which something has entered our world, something she calls the Light Beast. The Light Beast almost immediately starts to cause trouble. The trouble is that no one will believe that she sees a murderous demon that no one else can see. That becomes even more pressing when she realizes the Light Beast knows she can see it. 

You can check out the project here:

Note: Donna A. Black will be appearing at Enniskillen Comic Fest this weekend.