Pulse Comics Press Release

Housed in the historic Windmill Lane Recording Studios in Ringsend, 
Dublin and The Market Studios on Halston Street, Pulse College has 
three decades of proven track-record in delivering professional 
industry training courses in audio & music, games & animation and 
film.  Established in 1991, Pulse has received international 
recognition for both its vocational, and practice-driven academic 

 The College has now launched a new initiative to support aspiring 
sequential artists and graphic novelists with ‘Pulse Comics’. Pulse 
Comics will provide both the resources and platform for emerging 
talents to showcase original and exciting stories.

 Industry guidance will be provided to all participants with an 
upcoming masterclass talk with Mike Marts of Aftershock Comics 
followed by professional workshops delivered by David Leach, Senior 
Editor of Titan Comics and world renowned artist Gary Erskine.

Pulse Comics officially launched at Dublin Comic Con on August 6th and 
7th with the student showcase publication ’Pulse College Anthology’, 
featuring the work of students studying Animation at Pulse College.

Outside of the student body of Pulse College, future workshops and 
master classes will be available for the general public to sign up to, 
with a facilitation online being made available for international 
participants. There will also be open calls for submissions for new 
publications produced under Pulse Comics.

Pulse Comics also sees the rebranding of independent comic book 
publisher Lightning Strike Comics with in-house production of all 
publications taking place in the vibrant and collaborative campus of 
the Market Studios.

  Further queries are welcome at comics@pulsecollege.com

Kind regards,
Eoin McAuley
Programme Director Animation