Ferguson’s 7 Questions With… Richard Davidson and Steven Young

I feel like. I may have overlooked the Back Pocket Comics crew and so I got in touch and asked if they’d do everybody’s favourite ICN interview segment named after me. It’s a special two-for-one. It’s 7 Questions with Richard Davidson and Steven Young.

What was the first comic work you did that was published?

Richard Davidson: Steven (Back Pocket Comics co-founder) and I both co-wrote “The League of Mundoo” which is a mammoth 240 page graphic novel.

Stephen Young: Tarik – the original black and white issue version. 

What is the biggest thing you have learned since that book?

RD: And I have to pick only one thing? I’d have to say, get an editor or someone to proof read, give feedback and to ask you questions. There’s sometimes nothing better than someone questioning your work and seeing if you can explain it. Then, if you need to explain it too much, you might need to help with that in your story.

SY:  For me the most important thing I have learned, is the importance of a trusted editor. For my current project “The Jovian Effect” I was lucky enough to convince Richard Davidson to be my editor and his input and direction have been invaluable. 

What is your process for writing a comic book?

RD: Pen and notepad, get the layout down and then start working on the detail. Once I’m ready, I then write out the script and break it down into pages and sometimes panels.

SY: I found I was able to write better by invisioning the comic as a film and then allocating a number of pages for each scene. 

What is the biggest influence on your work?

RD: I don’t think I’ve a singular influence, I’ve so many interests, film, TV, comics, hiking, history, sports, music. A spark for a story can come from anything and it has done in all of my previous work. For everything I’ve written so far I can tell you exactly what influenced it or how it came about. 

SY: In terms of writing, Scott Snyder and Todd McFarlane were both important influences. When looking for an artist I tend to gravitate towards anyone with a style similar to Greg Capullo. I am also a massive fan of manga and particularly the battle sequences in them, these tend to influence my fight scenes when writing.  

What are you working on right now?

RD: Right now I’m finalising a script for a sci-fi time thriller, then I’ll be hunting out a suitable artist.

SY: As mentioned above, I am currently working on “The Jovian Effect” which will be a dark and gritty detective style graphic novel. I was lucky enough to work with an extremely talented team and cannot wait for its release next year. (Andrey Lunatik – Artist, Quepler Pirchiner – Inker, Gus Mendes – Colourist, Josh Southall – Letters, Richard Davidson – Editor) 

Pipelines cover

What do you have out now or coming out next?

RD: My latest Back Pocket Comics release is Pipelines, with art by Dublin based Barry O’Sullivan. It’s set in the world of one of our other titles, Tarik. While I recently had a story published in Turning Roads, published by Limit Break with art by Colm Griffin, go find it! It’s called The Hawthorns.

SY: Next month our newest title “Terminus” will be launching on Kickstarter. This graphic novel was drawn by Reese Hannigan and is a revelations style story with a twist.

What is your favourite Irish comic?

RD: I really enjoyed both Plexus anthologies that Limit Break brought out recently, and I’ve already mentioned Turning Roads but I have to mention it again because it had some really great stories in it. And, it isn’t a comic but it’s a children’s story book series called The Irish Bog Imp Tales, written by Richard McCloskey-Wall but the art is by Kevin McHugh, a guy we’ve had the side splitting pleasure of tabling beside at several cons. They’re all my favourites!

SY: There are so many brilliant books from Irish creators but if I had to choose one “By Proxy” from Rogue Comics is my favourite.


NOTE: The Back Pocket Comics crew will be at Northern Ireland Comic Con at the Eikon Centre Belfast this weekend. Go say hello and pick up some of their books if you’re in the area.