Zombies To Take Over 2000AD, Michael Carroll Stories

It’s been 30 years since “Judgement Day”, centring on Judge Dredd, was first published with alternating episodes in both 2000AD and the Judge Dredd Megazine. The first crossover between the two publications. Well 2000AD is celebrating by having zombies take over both books and Irish writer Michael Carroll will be getting in on the action.

Here’s a list of all the stories:

2000AD Prog 2300

• Judge Dredd: Judgement Days | Writer: Ken Niemand | Art: Henry Flint | Letters: Annie Parkhouse
• Rogue Trooper: Mortal Remains | Writer: Mike Carroll | Art: Gary Erskine | Colours: Yel Zamor | Letters: Simon Bowland
• Survival Geeks | Writer: Emma Beeby | Art: Neil Googe | Colours: Gary Caldwell | Letters: Jim Campbell
• The Meat Arena | Writer: Karl Stock | Art: Kieran McKeown | Colours: Matt Soffe | Letters: Simon Bowland
• Sinister Dexter: Zed Zone | Writer: Dan Abnett | Art: Russell Mark Olson | Letters: Annie Parkhouse
• Ampney Crucis Investigates…: Setting Sons | Writer: Ian Edginton | Art: D’Israeli | Letters: Jim Campbell
• Robo-Hunter: Z-Inf | Writer: Arthur Wyatt | Art: Toby Willsmer | Letters: Simon Bowland
• Strontium Dog: In the (Dead) Doghouse | Writer: Rob Williams | Art: Staz Johnson | Colours: Chris Blythe | Letters: Jim Campbell

Judge Dredd Megazine 448

• Judge Dredd: The Darkest Judge | Writer: Ken Niemand | Art: Leigh Gallagher | Colours: Chris Blythe | Letters: Annie Parkhouse
• Shimura: Hope Lies Buried | Writer: Karl Stock | Art: Kei Zama | Colours: Gary Caldwell | Letters: Jim Campbell
• Anderson, Psi-Div: Allied Forces | Writer: Honor Vincent | Art: Boo Cook | Letters: Simon Bowland
• Missionary Man: The Lonesome Undeath of the Widow McCall | Writer: Gordon Rennie | Art: Dan Cornwell | Colours: Dylan Teague | Letters: Jim Campbell
• Cadet Giant: ‘I am…’ | Writer: James Peaty | Art: Nicolo Assirelli | Colours: Peter Doherty | Letters: Simon Bowland
• Devlin Waugh: How I Lost the Waugh | Writer: Liam Johnson | Art: Conor Boyle | Colours: Barbara Nosenzo | Letters: Jim Campbell
• Armitage: An Underlying Fear | Writer: Mike Carroll | Art: Steve Yeowell | Colours: John Charles | Letters: Simon Bowland

The books are out next week!