Irish Comic Art Picks is a monthly feature comprised of output by line and colour artists that are part of the Irish comic scene. The selection can be such things as completed pages, cover art, pin-up art, work-in-progress or commissions.

Q: I’m a line and/or colour artist, how do I get my work included in the Art Picks?
A: It can happen one of two ways, either ICN will reach out to you and ask if you would like to be included in the monthly picks. Or you can make contact with ICN to get your work included.

Q: How do I make contact with ICN to be included in the Art Picks?
A: You can contact ICN on Facebook or Twitter. You can also contact Stephen via Twitter or Instagram. There is also an email option:

Q: How does the selection process work each month?
A: Artists have the option to submit a piece on any given month rather than leave it up to myself to choose (via social media, or email mentioned above). This may be for a reason like you’ve a book coming out that month and want an image used that could promote said book. This can be in the form of a Dropbox link or a link to a website/social media post. It’s an option for each artist to use if they feel the need. If nothing is received from an artist, then the selection reverts to the current system where I choose the piece.

Note: all of the above is open to feedback on how to improve the system.